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Screenshot images of Actual Ecommerce Administration page created using our shop software.

Our ecommerce shop is controlled completely online and therefore can be updated and amended from anywhere using a web browser and the necessary usernames and passwords to gain access to the Content Management System.

The image to the left of this text is an actual screen shot of one of the shops administration pages.

We have attemped to make our ecommerce shopping cart software as easy as possible to update. Everything is controlled by the online shop content management system including uploading images, changing colours and layouts as well as creating creating categories, adding and updating products. The most important section of the ecommerce software administration is of course to create an online shopping website which stands out from the rest using built in ecommerce templates which are configured by the shop software itself.

Screenshot images of Actual Ecommerce Administration page created using our shop software.

The left side of the Ecommerce Content Management system shows a list of menu options.

Home page items - where all home page items are input which make up the homepage design..

Categories and Products - Where all categories and products including features and accessories etc are input..

Customers and Orders - Shows Customer details and Orders which have been received..

Then theres links to the design options, system settings and advertising settings and reports.

Screenshot images of Actual Ecommerce Administration page created using our shop software.

Clicking on one of the side menus opens up that section of the online shop options within the right side of the screen.

The e-commerce shop has been designed to allow you to control how the shop will look on the web by changing these configurarable options using simple easy to complete (but highly comprehensive) web pages.

"Adding Products is a Breeze"

Products can be be added to the ecommerce design, with simple to follow input screens. Extended configuration options allow additional products to be allocated as accessories which can be shown within the shopping basket when a customer buys a product informing them of additional items which they may also be interested in.

"Multiple Configurations available"

Amendments made in the content management change the front end display.

Multiple listing and web design configurations are available throughout the whole web shop software allowing you to customise the look and feel of the online shop. An example of some of these configurations all controlled via the ecommerce software are:

  • Upload your own branding images into the shops header.

  • Show product listings by Row or Column (Grid) Styles.

  • Show left and right columns like a traditional online web shop or choose to hide the right column for a more clear user-friendly appearance.

  • Search Engine friendly menus and content

  • Search Engine friendly urls

  • Change Text and Background colours to make the site uniquely yours.

  • Change Images and branding within left and right columns to create a unique design layout.

  • Offer discounts via vouchers or give loyal customers a discount card.

  • Create distinctive Titles, Keywords and descriptions for products and categories.

  • An much, much more.

"The Final Results"

The results being an ecommerce web design software solution which by means of configuration options can create professional looking web sites ready to sell your products online.

Amendments made in the content management change the front end display.

Don´t take our word for it!

We are so confident on the facilities and ease of use of our ecommerce software we offer a 14 day totally free no-obligation trial. To assist in comparing our ecommerce software, we even include on our site adverts from our competitors for comparison.

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