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E-Commerce Integrated Payments

Screenshot images of Actual Ecommerce Administration page created using our shop software.

Our ecommerce online shop software comes complete with payment providers already integrated and ready to be turned on or off from within the online Content Management System.

More than one payment provider can be turned on at any one time giving the customer the choice of selecting which payment method they would like to use.

It is also possible by using the turn on / off method, to temporarily remove a payment method for short periods if a specific provider was having problems processing payments.

Protx Payment Options Integrated

Protx is a leading online payment processing company. They act as the middle man between your own bank and the customer.

To use Protx, you will need to setup a merchant bank account with one of the banks protx can communicate with, this list can be viewed by looking on the protx site.

Once you have setup your protx account and it has been made active, they will supply you with a user id and a crypt id. Simply input these into the shops administration section and turn on the protx payment system. You will be able to take Protx payments immediately.

Paypal Payment Options Integrated

Paypal which was previously mainly associated with eBay but now offers full merchant facilities and the customer no longer requires a paypal account to make a payment..

To use Paypal you will need to setup a either a business or premier Paypal account in order to receive high value payments (there are restrictions on personal accounts).

Once you have setup your paypal account and it has been made active. Simply input the email address which you have used to setup the account into the shops administration section and turn on the paypal payment system. You will be able to take Paypal payments immediately.

Google Checkout Payment Options Integrated

Google Checkout

Realeased on 13th April 2007 within the UK. The amount of shops integrating google checkout is growing. When a customer uses Google Checkout, they are forwarded Google and go throught their checkout process and not your own. Google then process the order and return the information to the shop via a secondary connection.

To use Google Checkout, you setup an account with google at Once your account has been setup and made active. Simply input the Merchant ID and Merchant Key into the shops administration section and turn on the google checkout payment system. You will be able to take Google Checkout payments immediately.

Cheques / Postal Orders

Additionally there is the facility to allow customers to pay using either a Cheque or Postal Order should you wish to turn the option on.

People using cards to pay for online items is standard practice however, there are people who like to view online but do not like to supply card details online and as such will look for websites where payment can be made by cheque.

Payment Options Layout

Actual Screen shot of Payment Options Administration Options

The online shops administration screen layout for the integrated payments section.

This is where payment options can be turned on or off by the simple to follow options.

Note: The number of ecommerce payment providers will increase as more become available.

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