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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q. Can I have an SSL Certificate of my own.
A. Absolutely and we recommend everyone should have one on their site, customer security is paramount.

We can purchase and install SSL certificates for domain names on any of our hosting facilities.

SSL Certificates are subject to additional costs. Please see our current prices for details.
Q. Can I have more than 1 domain going to the same site
A. Yes

You can have other domain names being pointed to the same hosted account.

These are called Parked Domains. Please see our current hosting packages for details of how many parked domains are allowed.
Q. Can I sell anything I want to using your e-commerce solution
A. Within reason yes.

There are restrictions on the type of sites we will host on our web servers.

Specific exclusions are: Nothing illegal, no pornography, no weapons.

The easiest way to make sure there won't be a problem is to contact us with your requirements first.
Q. Can I sell the shop to someone else
A. No.

Our shop solution is copyrighted and you must agree to our terms before you will be able to use it.

You are purchasing the right to use the shop software, not own it. As such you do not have the rights to sell it to anyone else.
Q. Can you assist with creating logos etc
A. Yes we can, however, it would be a chargeable item.

Let us know your requirements and we will happily give you a quote
Q. Do I get email addresses with the hosting
A. Yes you do.

All our hosting facilities give access to pop3 email addresses using the registered domain name.

Please see our current hosting information pages for the current specifications.
Q. Do I have to pay you any commission
A. No.

Whatever you sell through your shop is your money.

You sell what you like (subject to certain restrictions).

You charge what you like.

Whatever money you receive is yours.
Q. Do I own the shop
A. No. You are purchasing the right to use the shop software for as long as you wish under licence for a one off payment. The title of the source code and database tables designs remain ours.

This means that you are able to use the software for your own purposes or running an e-commerce site upon payment to ourselves. You can not alter, amend or decompile any of the source code without our written permission.

The licence is not transferrable, you can not re-sell our software to any third party without our written permission.
Q. Do you offer data input facilities?
A. Yes we can although it would be a chargable extra.

If you are looking for ourselves to input your categories / products etc.. Then give us a call or drop us a line with your requirements and we will be happy to give you a quote.
Q. How do I get a free trial
A. Easy, Click on the Trial request item on the right hand column, this will show you the trial request page.

Complete the sections as necessary and submit the form to us.

We will then setup a demo copy of the site in a subfolder on our testing server where you can make as many amendments and configuration changes you like to test the site out within the trial period.

When the trial period has expired, we will send an email to you asking if you would like to take advantage of our solution or not.
Q. I already have a domian name, Can I use that
A. Yes you can. You could either transfer your domain to point to our nameservers, hosting would then be transferred to our web servers.

Alternatively, we can upload the shop onto your own servers for you. Please note however, if the shop is not being hosted on our servers. we will not be able to offer support.
Q. I already have a website, can I add your shop to it.
A. Yes you can.

We can either transfer your current site over to our hosting providers or we could upload the shop into a subfolder on your current hosting provider.

You would be responsible for any transfer fees levied by your current hosting providers or domain registrars.

We would be able to assist in the transfer, however depending on how much time is required, we may need to charge a small fee.

Contact us with your requirements.
Q. I want to create two seperate e-commerce shops, do I need two copies of your software
A. Yes.

You need a copy of our software for every e-commerce shop you have online.

In the first instance contact the reseller where you purchased your original licence. You may fine that they offer a good discount on the software price for every additional copy, providing the software is being used by the same owner as the original purchased item.
Q. I'm looking for a complete solution, are you capable of supplying that
A. Yes we are.

As well as selling our shop solution, we can also provide:

  • Complete Input of shop items

  • Full SEO services

  • Full Maintenance Services

  • Web Site Promotion

For specific queries and quotes on these services, please either give us a call or send us an email stating your requirements and we will happily discuss available options and prices.
Q. I've looked at your demonstrations, how do I know these were created without any additional programming
A. You have to take our word on it.

Alternatively, why not take advantage of our no-obligation 14 day free trial.

Then you will be able to see for yourself how easy it is to change designs.
Q. Is your e-commerce solution going to be a success for me.
A. How successful your shop is depends on the amount of work you put in and the products you are selling.

We only provide you with a facility to sell your products online with a shop solution capable of looking very professional.

If you don't market the site at all, either through search engines or pay per click advertising etc. Then the chances are you won't sell any products because no-one will know your shop exist.

We will add your shop to our directory which will ensure that it will be spidered by the main search engines.
Q. My 14 day trial is up, what next.
A. When your 14 day trial is up, we will email you to ask if you are interested in our shop solution or not.

If you are interested, we will arrange purchase and setup your own site.

If you are not interested, we will simply delete the test folder and database.

If you are not interested, your comments and reasons would be appreciated, however you are under absolutely no obligation to do anything.

If we do not receive an answer to our email within a couple of days, we will assume you are not interested and will delete the test folder.
Q. Reseller - Do you offer this facility?
A. Yes we do.

There are two possibilities for reselling our e-commerce solution. Contact us for details.
Q. What other costs are involved
A. There are two ways to purchase our solution, either outright payment for the software or by monthly payments.

If the software is purchased outright, these are the current costs involved with our e-commerce shop solution.

  • A one off payment for the use of the software

  • Yearly Domain name registration fees

  • Yearly hosting Fees (including over bandwidth limits charges)

  • Optional Yearly SSL Certificate Fees

If paying for the solution monthly, then the following is applicable.

  • A monthly fee which includes domain name and hosting charges (subject to bandwith limits)

  • Optional SSL Certificate Fee @ L10.00 per month.

The only other costs involved would be if you wanted us to provide any extra services, this may be to add new facilities or create some images for you or if you have gone over your monthly agreed bandwidth limits.

Bandwith over the agreed limits are charged at L1.00 per GB over limits each month.
Q. Who does your hosting
A. In the majority of cases we do it ourself.

We have our own servers within London Data centres where the majority of our sites are hosted.

Our hosting is monitored constantly for A1 service.

There are a few of our accounts and domain names hosted by other external hosting companies. Over time, these will be transferred to ourselves.
Q. Who would you use to host the site on your behalf
A. In the majority of cases, we would host the site ourself on our servers.

We can install the software on a host of your choice however, you would be responsible for host fees.

We are unable to support the shop when it is hosted on an unapproved host. This is due to us having no control over what server software (versions etc) these host use. There may be incompatibilities which are out of our control.

For this reason we strongly recommend you host with one of our providers, their charges are extremely competative.
Q. Why can I not make amendments to your source code
A. The answer is in the question really. "our source code" it belongs to us.

It is an unfortunate requirement, but in order to stop piracy and software theft via unauthorised duplication, we have to take security measures.

These security measures prevent amendments to the source code.

If there is something required that our ecommerce solution can not do, then contact us. We may be able to include the facility in a later release.
Q. Why can't I look at your demo sites administration
A. If we were to give people access to the administration of our demo sites, they would be able to amend details.

If you would like to see how the demonstation sites are configured, we can create a complete copy for you to view within our 14 day free trial policy.
Q. Why do I not own the software
A. Our shop solution is like any other piece of software you buy.

You are not buying the software itself, you are buying the right to use the software.

The price you pay for the right to use the software is only a small fraction of the cost it took to develop and test the software.
Q. Why is it so cheap compared to other web designers quotes
A. The solution is a result of a considerable amount of hard work. If this solution had been created solely for one company, it would have cost them thousands of pounds, solely due to the amount of time taken to produce it.

The development is based around having highly configurable database controlled templated solutions which have the capacity to present various different formats and variations.

This means that by simply uploading some images / changing some styles and choosing which items to show etc. You are able to control all of these items yourself via the administration section.

The result is professional looking websites suitable for a wide range of clients.

We can therefore recover development costs by selling the same solution to multiple clients, this allows us to sell the product at a much more reasonable cost.
Q. Why is your software enrypted. I wanted to see the source code
A. Genuine users of our software do not need to see the source code. You would not ask to see a major software houses source code, so dont ask to see ours.

The code belongs to us, you only purchase a licence which gives you the right to use it not amend it, copy it etc...

All user configurable items are controlled via the content management administration section.
Q. Your demo sites only have 4 payment options, are there any more.
A. Currently, our solution uses the following four payment options:

  • Payment by cheque or postal order

  • Paypal Card and accounts payments - (NEW No longer needing a paypal account to accept credit cards)

  • Card Payments by Protx

  • Google Checkout

We will also have Worldpay card payments online soon.

If you have a particular external processing company that you would like to use, please contact us.

In most cases, we will add a payment processing module free of charge.
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